Frequently Asked Questions

Is the free option really free?
Yes. Easily produce professional freight documents today with the Docs package.
What am I limited to on the free package?
With the Docs package you can create and store up to 2GB of documents. You can share as emails as you like with links to your documents. If you need to save your documents for up to 7 years, consider the Pro package.
What are the charges for Customs Clearances?
Please see the Pricing page.
What happens if I want to upgrade?
You can upgrade your Trial or Docs package easily at any time - why not test it out for free then decide later?
How do I cancel my subscription?
Subscriptions can be cancelled easily through your My Account area, or by contacting us directly. Any due payments need to be settled before your account can be closed.
Is my data secure?
We take security of your Personal and Commercial data very seriously. You have complete control over online access to your documents, and you can easily update and delete any of your data.

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